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Last weekend turned out to be quite an exciting one…

I had the pleasure of spending an hour with my friend Jenne and her daughter Khloe at a park to take her 18 month portraits.  Jenne was anxious to get these portraits done, as she was expecting another baby in just five short weeks.  So, we met at Glenwood Gardens and Miss Khloe put me to work.  She had me pretending to be a horse, galloping like a fool and scaring passer-bys, playing peek-a-boo, and receiving the deadly ‘Khloe Scowl’ that she is famous for. None the less, she was the perfect little red curly haired angel.  I had the greatest time acting the fool, just to win that priceless smile!

OH, I almost forgot, the following day Jenne, Scott (her husband and my friend) and Khloe had a baby shower, and had to race out of there, because her water broke!  A few short hours later, Khloe’s baby sister Lainie was born.

Congratulations Jenne and Scott!!!

Love, KM

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  1. 10-12-2011

    These are so wonderful!! You truly captured her. And oh yes, what a wonderful, surprising unexpected day after!!

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