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I had the pleasure this week of spending some time (but not nearly enough) with a couple of old friends, Jesse and Krista.  Jesse I’ve known since my late teenage days of employment at Sun TV and Appliances.  I was a wicked saleswoman of washers and dryers (not to brag), and Jesse was the guy who was working it over in computers.  I later met Krista by hanging out with Jesse and his group of friends.  Krista taught me what a real hug is (if you know her, she gives the worlds greatest squeeze) and has provided me with exceptional hair assistance and cuts ever since.  A couple years after meeting them both, I got to photograph my first wedding, theirs!  Happy early 10th anniversary to you guys!

So here we are ten years later, and they asked me to photograph their family, marking their sons’ Colten and Cayden’s 6 month birthday.   Also with them was their daughter, the one and only beautiful soccer goalie, Trinity.   Together we explored Loveland’s Bike Trail and with the help of a lot of tickling and gooing and gahing, we got some priceless photos of the babes and the rest of the family.


Trinity, being the big sister was a huge help. She held her brothers, while kissing and squeezing them, and was consistently just being plain adorable and always photogenic.  Thank you Trin for all your hard work and patience while we posed the boys around you.  You were a natural :)

What you wouldn’t know is all three kids have come into this world with a bang, arriving much earlier than mom or dad ever expected.  Looking at them now, you would never guess they could have ever been so small.  The boys are what you would call, chunky monkeys!  Little linebackers, with cheeks and rolls to spare.  I could honestly eat them up!


Thank you Krista and Jesse for the opportunity to work with your beautiful family!  I can’t wait to see you all again, hopefully real soon!



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