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For anyone who doesn’t know me, I have three adorable children.  Jake is almost three, Elsa just turned 5, and Kala is 10.  My oldest has been a diva from the beginning.  I have recordings of her at age 2 performing songs she made up, filled with babble and enthusiasm.  She sang till she practically went blue in the face.  When Kala was in first grade, I encouraged her to try out for a school play.  Her favorite artist at the time was Billy Joel, and she could sing, ‘You May be Right’ like no other 6 year old I ever met.  Unfortunately, Kala was not ready for her stardom to begin.  She ran away from the audition in sobs before she ever sang one note. 

Fast forward to 2010… After moving to a new area, we brought Kala to a music academy (Maineville Music Academy) and within a few weeks, she was performing in front of large crowds!  In the last year, she has sang at a local festival, multiple large recitals, a bowling alley, and led our congregation in song at church.  Kala also auditioned and was selected to sing the National Anthem for the Western and Southern Open Series (a major tennis competition that boasts the sports’ biggest pros) and for the Florence Freedom Frontier League Ballpark.  The biggest event (in this humble mother’s opinion) Kala participated in, was a trip with the music academy to Reba McEntire’s Recording Studio in Nashville, Tennessee.  She recorded lead vocals on two songs and backup vocals on one more.  The videos have not been uploaded yet, we anticipate them later this year.  Word is, they are phenomenal!  The experience was once in a life time (well for me, but Kala, who knows).  Many thanks go out to Aaron O’Keefe and his associates who put the trip together.  They worked almost 24 hours straight working with the kids and their many recordings during the session.  This truly is a one of a kind academy for our area.  I couldn’t recommend them any more.

I obviously couldn’t be more proud of Kala and her accomplishments over the last year.   I can’t wait to see what the future holds for our little ‘Diva’.

Montage for Kala

Chain of Fools, Recital 2010

Kala\’s first performance after joining the music academy, just a few weeks prior!  (Yes, you hear me scream mid-song, because I couldn’t control myself).  She did so great for having just started music classes a few weeks earlier.


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